TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0

TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0

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The battle of the headphones is getting steeper than ever with innovative earpieces introduced one after the other. They boast of the latest technology and potent connectivity. Headphones are getting more complex, too, able to multi-task and achieve a feat never before seen. And each time the latest tries to beat the competition.

Now, here comes the best above the rest and it plans to stay long up there--the TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0.

It is surely way ahead in technology and features against competing for wireless headphones around. It has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and high-definition True Sound to begin with. Ergonomic, versatile, and highly functional wireless headphone within your reach.

  • Faster and wider reach Bluetooth connectivity
  • Larger data bandwidth
  • Convenient, ergonomic functionality
  • Excellent multimedia earpiece
  • Fast charging, long-lasting battery


Integrated Connectivity

Provide integrated connectivity with different media that is Bluetooth 5.0 enabled, including your latest mobile phones and gadgets. This Bluetooth update ensures a stable, fast, and seamless connection with a maximum radius reach of 10 meters. It has a large data bandwidth for low latency and low energy data transmission.


HD Sound Surround

Enjoy the true surround sound that this headphone transmits, deep bass and crisp treble, great for your multimedia and gaming habits. It has a compact HD rendering technology that ensures data are intact to produce true and vivid sound.

It also has a noise reduction feature, great for making and receiving calls. The earbuds can also block out outside noise, including wind noise when using it on physical activities, such as running, jogging, and biking.


Ergonomic Functionality

This Bluetooth 5.0 headphone is automatic making it easy to use and operate. When you take it out of the case, it will automatically turn on and connect to your smartphone. Bringing it back to the case will turn it off and charge.

The functions of the phone can be easily accessed with the fingerprint sensitive button available on both sides of the earpiece. Thru this ergonomic button, you can answer/end calls, play, pause, navigate thru music selection, adjust volume, and activate voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant.

Ear-friendly and Secure Fit

This headphone is tiny and ultra lightweight that won’t badge uncomfortable. The in-ear design of the earbuds ensures that it stays firmly fixed on your ear, even when doing large movements. Plus, this design protects your ear from the loud volume. It comes with two sets of earbud rubbers for your preference and to maximize sound quality.


Fast Charging and Longer Battery Life

The headphone’s case not only protects the earbuds but also acts as a charging bay, connected thru USB. The case is a powered 3500 mAh charger that charge battery fast and safe.

When fully charge, the earbuds power can last 3-4 hours of non-stop multi-tasking function, with a maximum play time of 15 hours.

Versatile Compatibility

Owners of iPhone or Android smartphones that are Bluetooth 5.0 capable can enjoy the benefits of this wireless headphone.

Other Highlights

The headphones are tough water and dust resistant gadgets.

Available in trendy and classy black and white color options.

The charging case has a battery and charge LED indicator that signals battery levels.

Battery level of the headphones while in use are shown on your smartphone’s screen.

Use the ear pods on Mono or Stereo modes.

Enjoy the wonders and benefits of the
TWS-S8 Mini Bluetooth Earbud 5.0.
This one of a kind headphone is truly a masterclass. Built with excellent and unique user experience in mind. This has you for the taking. Grab ‘em now!


  • Smart touch control technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3000 mAh mobile power
  • 6 level depth waterproof
  • Bluetooth power indicator