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High Velocity Professional Slingshot (100 Steel Balls Included )


High Velocity Professional Slingshot (100 Steel Balls Included )


    Looking for a fun outdoor entertainment that will take you back to childhood catapult adventure? If there’s a little bit of cheeky child left in you, this latest high engineered slingshot will help you reminisce and taste a slice of your delightful childhood once again!



    (Includes FREE Leather Strip, 100 Steel Balls, Pair of Spring and Fiber Optic Pins)

    High-Velocity Stainless Professional Slingshotis beginner-friendly which is ideal for bothslingshot starters and professional slingshot lovers. This is great for outdoor hunting, entertainment, practice and even for competitions.


    Quality wise?

    This slingshot is made up of top anti-rust and compact stainless steel, which makes it more durable even for daily use.



    Feel the comfortable grip experience to make the most out of your slingshot. A slingshot that provides a good grip does more than giving fewer blisters- it will allow you to get more shots in with greater accuracy because of reduced wrist and hand fatigue. And this feature is what makes this slingshot even more lovable since its handle offers the comfortability you and your hand needs upon shooting a strong and accurate shot at a high speed.


    This slingshot uses flat bands which allow accurate, high-velocity shooting when stalking prey. Flat bands are easier to draw and typically produces a faster projectile speed, due to their rapid “snapback speed”. Its sight feature will also help you improve the accuracy of your shots.

    One additional feature we can’t miss out is that it’s very easy to install and take down flat bands. In just one press you’ll be done installing your flat bands in less than a minute!

    Don’t miss out your chance to once again experience a massive dose of catapulting fun with this  High-Velocity Stainless Professional Slingshot.

    Note:This Slingshot is safe to use for adult and children 7+. Users are however expected to exercise cautions. The use of this slingshot in any way that doesn’t conform to local, state, and federal laws and ordinances is prohibited. Any damage to public or private property is the responsibility of the user or users legal guardian.



         ✔  Top Anti-Rust Stainless Steel
         ✔  High Tension Rubber Band
         ✔  High Engineered Design
         ✔  Firing Accuracy
         ✔  Comfortable holding slingshot
         ✔  100 steel Bullet and 12 Flat Leather Strip for Free
         ✔  Advanced Light Gun Aiming Collocation
         ✔  Quick to Install  and replace the Rubber Band 
               Suitable for  Mid/Small Hand 
         ✔  Aiming points with lamp Light 
         ✔ 100% Aiming point hit rate 



    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days