Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Smart Nail Wearable Gadget

Smart Nail Wearable Gadget

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Wearable gadgets are the latest trend today that incorporates state-of-the-art technology and high-fashion. These smart electronic devices are worn as clothing or accessory. With the many requirements of daily living, truly these smart wearables are becoming a necessity to make life more convenient.

Be a trendsetter! Wear technology and fashion at your fingertips. Strut your way with the   Smart Nail Wearable Gadget ,

A high-tech nail art product that can function as an IC card, do smartphone tasks, or simply as an eye-catching sparkling accessory.

  • Trendy and fashionable nail piece
  • A smart accessory that can do many day-to-day tasks
  • Multi-access and control over different card types
  • Control and manage smartphones (Android and WP)


Multifunction AI-enabled Accessory

This smart nail is Artificial Intelligence enabled that can do many tasks remotely with just a programmed microchip. It comes in three different models that function distinctively, namely: N2M, N2F, and N2L.

N2M Smart Nail Accessory

This model has a built-in microchip that transfers and receives data thru nanotechnology. Said technology can copy and simulate the function of an IC card, which means that it can act as a contactless smart card. It can replicate the function of a parking card, elevator card, shopping card, membership card, time card, hospital card, insurance card, and other cards that have data in it. This way, you can get access without the card physically present. The sensor will acknowledge the data in the N2M fingernail.


N2F Smart Nail Accessory

This is the model that is compatible with your smartphone (Android and Windows Phone), which has the NFC feature. By downloading and connecting to the corresponding app, you can do a variety of functions with your phone. Turn on/off your phone, unlock codes, access folders, and more navigating and share functions. By simply flashing your fingernails over your phone you can do said tasks (programmable).

N2L Smart Nail Accessory

While the first two models boast functionality brilliance, the N2L model is sheer eye-candy that sparkles when in close-proximity with a high-frequency signal. It is the wearable among the three that is for aesthetic purposes.



Durable and Guaranteed Safe

The materials used to manufacture the smart nails are tested in the laboratory and passed medical tests to ensure that wearing them wouldn’t be a health risk.

It is water-resistant. Made with plastic and electronic parts that are safe, no radiation, and non-toxic

Easy to Use

Just program or connect the detachable nail accessory to the app, then glue in your nail. Immediately you can use it as you desire. It is reusable and no charge required. It is suitable for any style.

Live in style and do daily tasks conveniently with the flashy  
 Smart Nail Wearable Gadget
Take advantage of the three innovative nail models and elevate your fashion and lifestyle.


  • Smart nail built-in a new NFC chip of N X P Semiconductors, with exclusive Application
  • The smart nail is the second generation of LED nail tip, made by a new generation of Guinness level flexible circuit board, with 28 technological
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Fashionable and Trendy Intelligence Accessories