Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet

Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet

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A wallet is made to secure cash, credit cards, identification cards, among others, and it was trustworthy for many years. Not until the bad guys learned technology. News about cyber theft has been alarming, wrongly using technology to rob other people's money and private information. Now, the wallet’s credibility to secure reputation and hard-earned money is not anymore absolute.

Don’t get caught up risking your money and information. Prevent thieves from accessing your personal data by using the ultra-secure and ultra-sturdy

 Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet. 

The bad guys won’t even have the slimmest chance to steal.

  • Secure financial information and resources
  • Peace of mind from cyber-robbing
  • Convenient to hold credit cards, IDs, bank notes, etc.
  • Easy access to finances

First Class Durability and Security

When talking about securing your finances, durability is first and foremost an issue and the  Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet  took care of this with utmost consideration. This innovative wallet is made of pure carbon fiber that is also being used in aircraft and race car construction because it is light, durable, and resistant. No less than utilizes this technology to make sure of top security.

It has the   RFID Protection Design  that blocks unwanted access from scanners and card readers, which is mainly the medium of theft. RFID enables people to pay thru debit or credit card by just a quick touch with the scanner. It was supposed to make lives easier but thieves found a way to steal the data with a special device. The carbon fiber enables RFID-blocking to evade electronic pickpocketing or other wireless means of accessing personal data.

Magnetic Modular Container

You would think that the Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet is made up of mechanical parts that make it work its magic, absolutely not. It is only made of a single screw and magnetic mechanism that attach the entire wallet together and securely fasten credit cards and the likes.

Modular feature attaches as a single unit with the magnetic capability. Meaning you’ll be able to add up to a maximum of 5 modules to hold your cards (total of 10 cards) or less to lean on your need and preferences. Even to maximum capacity, this wallet is still very thin and light unlike the bulky leather or cloth fiber wallets.

Durable and Dog-proof

Unlike the traditional wallets that are made of leather materials, this wallet is made of high-quality carbon fiber materials. Leather materials happen to be a dog’s favorite past-time chewable, with its fiber materials your dog's bites won’t affect the look and quality of your wallet. No need to ditch your wallet anymore because of some dog bite/teeth mark.

Also, It is fire resistant so your important cards won’t be easily damaged during such an unfortunate event.


Versatile Container

Just as you think that it can only hold credit cards or IDs, its full carbon money clip at the back can hold your bank notes, too. More, since it’s magnetic, it can also hold coins, keys, and magnetic chips.

Simple and Elegant

This could be the thinnest and lightest wallet ever! Its simple, non-complex look exudes luxury and class that’s perfect for formal attire. At the same time, it is very trendy and stylish that also goes perfectly with casual wear. More importantly, the compact design boast of intuitive handling.

Securing your personal data and money is now achievable with the
Slim Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet.
You will never have to worry of some crooks trying to steal. It’s total peace of mind.


  • Ultra Slim & Light - Significantly thinner than traditional wallets
  • RFID Blocking Technology
  • Money Clip
  • 100 percent real carbon fiber
  • anti-corrosion and durability