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Shower Arm Extension


Shower Arm Extension

  • A great bath experience is a good day-starter, refresher or day-ender for many. Taking a shower bath, for instance, is a great indulgence after a day outdoors or a hard day’s work, especially a hot bath to calm and distress.

    But there’s a little difficulty sometimes with a shower head height or coverage that can be a bit frustrating to fully enjoy a shower. Either it’s too near the wall, too high for a reach or too low that you have to bend. The right height install and good spray coverage are what most look for a showerhead. And somehow such isn’t always available, even at your own home.

    Starting today, get your most-deserved bath experience without the shower head getting in your way for a great pamper. Simply install to your shower heads this adjustable  Shower Arm Extension  and get the perfect height and water spew coverage for a great shower bath.

    • Comfortable shower bath experience
    • Easily adjusts to preferred height, no more extending or bending while bathing
    • Excellent water coverage to reach every place of your body
    • Self-install, no need for a plumber

    The  Rotating Elbow Joint  adjusts shower head horizontally and overhead to preferred position. Get a good reach of the shower and position it as you would like to get the desired water flow and coverage. With the arm extension, you can lower a high-hanging or raise a low-hanging shower head for ideal showering coverage. Also, you can easily reach a handheld shower by lowering it or extend far from the wall a rainfall shower for more effective use.

    This shower arm is so  Versatile that it suits various types of shower heads: wall mount, handheld, body spray, rain-head and multifunction.

    Stay out of cracks or leaks with the shower arm’s  solid copper metal and   durable swivel joints.  Plus, its handle grip makes it easy to tighten and the jointed pivot can support up to 3 pounds of pressure.

    Resistant to damage brought by hot water temperature, minerals, acids, and sand. Expect no corrosion or build up with theRustproofcopper material.

    Easy install to your shower in minutes without any tools to use or the need to call a plumber. Just twist and turn the O-rings tightly and you’re done. The shower arm also fits all standard shower installation.

    The next time you get a shower, with the
    Shower Arm Extension
    you will get a breezy and indulgent shower bath. Pamper the stress and remove the dirt away.

    Specification :

    Size: 9-inch Shower Arm Adjustable Height
    Function: Replacement  For Rainfall Shower Head
    Finished: Brushed Nickel Size: Φ18mm   G1/2" Material: Brass  

    Packing Include:
             1 pcs Brass Adjustable Shower Arm
    • Adjustable solid brass flexible shower arm extender with height
    • Rustproof
    • Locking Gear Joint - allow carrying heavy shower head 
    • Constructed using a sturdy metal
    • Easy to Install 

      • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
      • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days