Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs
Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs
Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs
Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs
Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs
Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs

Reusable Mouse Trap Snap - 3 pcs

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Getting rid of rats and mouse is a perennial concern of almost every household. They seem to get wiser every time, adaptive to the baits or traps and even recognizes what poison to them is. We get successful to entrap them several times but they get their way eventually. Market available mouse traps, glues, or sticks are also becoming less effective and our strategies of catching them are running out.



Thanks to the  Reusable Mouse Trap Snap  and our pleads have been heard.
This mouse trap is gritted to catch every mouse and rat that get near it.
They won’t be able to get away because of its powerful snap.

  • Effective trap to catch mouse and rats.
  • Discourage mouse and rats activity at home
  • Prevents infestation
  • Easy and convenient to use indoor or outdoor



This mouse trap is looking sturdy like a tank ready for a battle with mouse and rats. It has a bulky, solid frame that features strong gripping teeth always ready for a snap. When you think that they can get away from the trap as they do ordinarily, well the teeth have extra holding power. No sweet escapes for our nemesis.


It’s not just strength that this trap boast of but also house smarts! It has an easy access bait receptacle on top where to put the bait or food. And when a mouse just gets near it, its high sensitivity is triggered for a fast and effective snap.


The mousetrap snap is made from ABS plastic and stainless steel spring for heavy-duty use. It is wear and water resistant that is good either indoor or outdoor use. And just as you thought that you need to replace them constantly, then you’re wrong. This mouse trap is reusable and lasting as long as it is effective. Since the surface is plastic made, it is washable and won’t absorb odor or messy carcasses.


Place it anywhere

This mouse trap is effective anywhere. Simply put it on areas where mouse and rats live or pass through. One advice though for more efficient use, place the teeth portion of the trap facing the wall. Simple, safe and sanitary.



Easy to use:

  1.  Simply place bait in the bait receptacle.
  2.  Pull back slowly on the upright position until locked firmly in a catch. Place the trap next facing the wall.
  3.  Pull back slightly on upright position until the mouse is released.

The  Reusable Mouse Trap Snap  is your powerful ally to get rid of mouse and rats at home. Strong, smart and tough that won’t be an easy escape for these house enemies.

Note: *Never place fingers near the trigger when the trap is in the set position. **Keep out of reach of children and non-target animals/pets.


  • Easy to use- Just set the clips in place to corner the mouse
  • Durable - Made of Abs Plastic material
  • Washable - Don't absorb odor or any messy carcasses
  • Sensitive Design - 100% get rid of the rat once it touches the pedal
  • Waterproof- Suitable both indoor and outdoor use
  • Reusable- Made of stainless steel spring. This plastic mousetrap can be used many times