Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp

Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Mosquitoes are becoming human’s enemy #1 because of the various diseases and risks it carries. People are always vigilant when faced with these tiny flying insects, wearing repellant for protection and using insecticides, coils, and incense to bust and shoo off mosquitoes. But sometimes these mosquito aids can be harmful to health because of the chemical used.

But what can you do? You need to eradicate mosquitoes, otherwise, it will just continue to do harm. Your long wait is over! Here’s a great gadget to fight off mosquitoes--presenting the
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp ,

A pest control ultrasonic lamp device. With this lamp, there’s no more escape for mosquitoes and they are doomed to incineration. You’ll be getting peace of mind and security by using this device.

  • Help eradicate and control mosquitoes activity (and other harmful insects)
  • 100% safe to use
  • Noiseless, won’t bother sleeping
  • A lovely home fixture, adds accent to home
  • Handy, can also be used effectively on the outdoor setting

Efficient Mosquito Buster

This mosquito device acts in two ways--Attract mosquitoes, then Burn them. It allure mosquitoes with the LED purple light that it emits. When mosquitoes get near it, a centrifugal like force pull them, which is a hard escape. It is a trap. It kills mosquitoes by burning and drying them. The bottom mesh container prevents mosquitoes from escaping to kill them effectively. This container can be easily removed and cleaned.

This device is also meant for long day-round use to effectively secure you from mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

Noiseless, Great for Sleep and Rest

Get good rest and sleep with this mosquito lamp. Aside from eliminating mosquitoes so you would feel safe and secure, this device also won’t bother you while taking a nap, getting a rest or sleeping because of its noiseless feature. It is very silent that you are guaranteed a great sleep. It

Safe to Use and Environment-Friendly

The light that it emits is safe--no radiation and non-toxic. The UV rays that kill mosquitoes are completely safe even for kids and pregnant women. The soft LED light is friendly to the eyes and safe to the skin. It is safe for humans and to the environment, too.

Versatile and Multifunctional

Ideal for indoor use, place it anywhere at home or office to serve its purpose. Use it effectively on places where mosquitoes thrive to control their activity and eradicate them.

It is great for the outdoors, too! It is very compact and handy that you can carry it with you outside, on travels, camping, hiking, and mountaineering.

Plus, this lamp can also be a beautiful home or office decor. A pretty addition to your living room or bedroom design with its modern and trendy look. It can also be hung on the wall or pole.


Energy-Saver and Durable

This device is a sure energy-saver with its low power consumption and long life. It can be easily charged thru USB interface, so even when outside without direct access to a power outlet, you can charge it with a power bank or your gadget.

It is made of ABS material that is safe, durable and environment-friendly.


Now, you can have a reliable and dependable mosquito buster with the
Non-Radiation Mosquito Killer Lamp 

Eliminate mosquitoes wherever you are and control their activity, so they won’t bother you again. Definitely, a smart, great tool to make your daily living more comfortable and secure.


  • Universal USB socket
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • It is non-toxic to babies, pets and pregnant women. Made of ABS durable material
  • Portable, easy to carry and easy to clean.
  • Suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, courtyards, parties, offices, outdoor activities, etc