Muscle Roller Body Massage Strap
Muscle Roller Body Massage Strap
Muscle Roller Body Massage Strap
Muscle Roller Body Massage Strap

Muscle Roller Body Massage Strap

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Muscle Roller Body Massage Strap's beads rotate 360 degrees for a comfortable massage. The right length allows the massager to expand to the whole body, relax the muscles and enjoy a full body spa. The massage cord provides 6 positioned treatment rollers that allow you to easily access every pressure point throughout the body. Easily locate and relieve sputum, muscle knots, and trigger points, adjust the intensity according to the degree of soreness of each muscle, and let the whole body relax. This body care roller increases blood circulation provides deep tissue massage and gentle massage.


High-Quality Materials – This massage belt is made of elastic material, durable and easy to use. The massage belt is made from high quality, high-density polypropylene which follows most of the countries safety standards.

New Design Massage Tool – To solve the inconvenient of self-massage in the neck, shoulder, back, and waist, this massager offers accurately placed therapy rollers that allow you an ease and access to every pressure point in your entire body. Locate and relieve spasms, muscle knots, and trigger points.

Adjustable Intensity – This massager can adjust the massage intensity, position according to their own situation. Which allow you to get the appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain. It can accommodate anyone's needs in every age group.

Boosts circulations & blood flow – This shoulder massager provides deep tissue massages on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, tights, calves, legs - Increases blood flow and circulation. Helping your whole body parts to release stress, reduce pain and prevent muscle injury, and help you relax.

  • Best Quality Materials
  • Redesigned Massager Tool
  • Different Intensity
  • Boosts Blood Circulations