Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller
Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller

Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller

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Whether you’re at the gym, at home, or on the go, a muscle-rolling massage roller is a must have to your muscle sore problems. The problem is… they are not that strong enough to give you that deep massage.


Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller is a good news for you and your muscles! It offers a 360 degree deep massage to your muscles that no other muscle roller can give you!



This is best for:

  • Muscle soreness
  • Aid recovery
  • Reduce muscle stiffness
  • Reduce pain before and after workouts
  • Muscle warm up before exercising and training
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce risk of injury





        360° Massage

        Unlike those traditional massage roller, this will give you a deep massage targeting every trigger points in every angle.


        Good for your whole body, especially:

        • Foot
        • Leg
        • Thigh
        • Calf
        • Quad
        • Hamstring
        • Hip to arm
        • Shoulder
        • Neck
        • Head and back


        Save Money

        You don’t need to spend too much going on those luxury massage spa to get that deep massage your muscles badly needed. You can use this at the comfort of your home or at gym anytime you want to.


        Improve Mood

        Relieving stress and body pains will help your body feel better. Our body conditions plays a big role on our daily mood. If our body feels good, our mood will surely follow.


        101% Comfortable

        Unlike those other roller which in no doubt end up pulling bits of your hair, this roller is specifically built to prevent such moments. You can even control the pressure you are applying depending on your pain tolerance. No more painful roller massage for you!

        Take your warm up to the next level with this Relaxex™ Muscle Foam Roller. A perfect gift your loved ones who especially loves workouts.






            Product FAQ's:

            Where this product shipped from?

            We have separate warehouse located in Asia and US. We ship our products from our US warehouse, if you are located in the US. And we ship our product from our warehouse in Asia, if you are located outside of the US.

            Do you ship worldwide?

            Yes, we do shipping globally and our shipping cost is $3.99 flat for every countries.

            How long is the shipping?

            The shipping takes 7 - 10 days in the United States and 9 - 12 days if you are located outside of the United States.

            Who should use our Massager?

            Everyone can use this massager but they work the best for Weight lifters, Athletes, People who walk and stand for long hours, also for those who wants to prevent muscle injuries.

            Why you should buy this massager?

            It can help you save money. You can stay at home while trying to relieve your muscle pain, you do not have to drive all the way to a massage therapy center and pay a lot for just one session.

            How this massager help you relax your muscle and tone your leg or arm?

            This massager works like a portable foam roller and it can boost your blood circulation that will carry the oxygen to the muscles.  You can relax your muscles and get your legs or arms toned.

            How this massager help you prevent injuries when exercising?

            This massager can help you smooth out your fascia, the connective tissue that stretches over and through your muscles. Inactivity, repetitive motion, and injuries can cause the fascia and the underlying muscle tissue to bind together. This causes ‘knots’ or ‘trigger points,’ that lead to tightness.

            However, when you roll out, you release these knots, and this helps reduce muscle tightness and improve joint mobility.