Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount
Mirror Car Phone Mount

Mirror Car Phone Mount

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A car phone holder is almost a consumable accessory that you regularly replace because of durability, functionality, or aesthetic issues. It doesn’t last long, it doesn’t hold your phone stable, or it doesn’t blend well with your car interiors. Those could be real issues.

If you want a phone holder that’s beautiful, suits well with your car, long-lasting, and does its job perfectly, then you have by all means should switch to the new  Mirror Car Phone Mount

This phone holder is a perfect fit for your cell phone and your car to help ensure convenient and safe driving above all.

  • Innovative secured phone holder
  • Car driving safety accessory
  • Perfect match for any car interiors
  • Classy, smooth, glossy finish
  • Durable and long-lasting



Non-Slip Stable Holder

This phone holder attaches to aircon vents (parallel design) sturdily. It has a longer steel core clip with a rubber pad for better grip. You won’t have to worry that it will fall-off all together. It clips firmly and stable.

Gravity Attachment Design

It mimics gravity with its triangle proportion design to make cell phone attach stably. Unlike the magnetic link holders that need an adhesive plate to mount that can affect the signal and phone’s aesthetic, with gravity attachment, there is no need for that. Just the same you can ensure that your phone is fixed, not affected by driving movements.

The gravity linkage design clamps and releases your phone automatically. You will only need to use one hand to operate. That is pure convenience when driving and using your phone. More importantly, it ensures safety when driving.


Better View with 360° Rotation Angle

Adjust your cellphone to achieve that convenient and perfect viewing with the 360° rotation feature. Use your cellphone better when navigating, watching, reading, and some other tasks because you can rotate it fully until you attain the best view.

Ergonomic Charging and Data Port

It allows charging conveniently as the unique bottom opening can easily accommodate a charger or data cable. Unlike other phone mounts that block the charging port.


Classy and Elegant

This phone holder looks stunning! The clamping arms are made of aviation class aluminum alloy that makes it look elegant. Smooth and glossy finish that is scratch resistant and looking new even after long use. It also has silicone pads on the arms to protect your phone from being scratch when mounting and releasing it.



It suits perfectly to any type and brand of cars as it matches greatly with any car interiors. The cellphone holder has a wide range of compatibility with smartphones that are between 4 to 6 inches in size. With that size, that’s typically for all phones. However, please be guided that maximum thickness shouldn’t exceed 0.43 inches. So, check your phone’s thick case first.

With the Mirror Car Phone Mount you’ll have a classy, durable, and dependable phone holder for your car. This is your wise choice for phone mobility and safe driving. Get yours today!


  • Auto Lock and One-hand Operation
  • Stylish and Elegant
  • Stable and Firm
  • Mirror Surface Effect
  • Extensive Compatibility -Perfect to all Smartphone