Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device

Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device

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GPS tracking is turning to be a must-have feature for security and protection. Who would not need one, when you need to be pro-active and vigilant nowadays to ensure safety for you and your whole family. Many gadgets made sure to include the GPS tracking capability, however, its use is not maximized and is mainly used for navigation only.

Maximize GPS tracking and use it for security and confidential purposes.
The  Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device 

Your highly reliable undercover and guard when security concerns arise. Be pro-active every day and take care of your family’s safety by using this GPS tracker.

  • 24/7 Available and Accessible tracking device
  • Dependable tracker
  • Reliable undercover
  • Security for family members, especially for dependent kids, teenagers, elderly.
  • Secure assets, such as vehicles, finances (wallets), etc.


Mini GPS Tracker

When you say mini, this is absolute. You can even hide this miniature GPS tracker in the palm of your hands making it very portable to carry or attach to your subject without the fuss.

Perfect for tracking because it can be easily attached with the two powerful magnets in it. No other installation needed. You can attach it on cars, motorcycles, kids, teenager, old people, pets, bags, wallets or just anywhere you need to track. Even use it to undercover your spouses or on your private agenda.


Efficient, High-Tech GPS Tracker

GPS trackers are most commonly used to track vehicles but this GPS tracker takes in on a higher level. Its small compact design and highly accurate GPS locating capability can be used for other valuable purposes, especially to take care of your belongings.

Slide the tracker to keep track of your car or the valuable loads in it. Place it in your luggage when traveling so you could easily locate it when it is accidentally lost, like those missing luggage on airports. Companies could also use them to track important documents and valuable shipments by simply placing the box before shipping it out.

More importantly, you can use this miniature tracking device to keep an eye on family members, like kids, teenagers, elderly or disabled ensuring their safety when you’re not visibly with them.


Accurate and Smart Tracking

Any GPS device should hold this most important trait, Accuracy. This GPS tracking device even exceeds accuracy with the GF07 real-time GPS tracker, allowing you to easily locate where your vehicle, belongings, or loved ones are located. The tracker uses Google Maps live updates accessible on any gadget, like your laptop, tablet, and smartphone with an internet connection.

It also very smart as it can send updates and notify your smartphone on the whereabouts of your item being tracked.

By dialing the SIM card number, you can hear the sound around the tracker, no lights, no noise, you can monitor and secretly monitor what happens around the tracker.

Crisp Clear Voice Recording

It doesn’t just track but can also record voice making it more useful security and undercover-wise. More, you can listen to live audio and send out voice messages using your tracking gadget. You could use it to spy on carnappers and warn them that you are tracking them.

Durable and Dependable

This GPS tracking device has a waterproof body, so you don’t need to worry about it getting wet or dirty that would affect is effectiveness. It can keep track of your vehicle and belongings whatever the weather is.

It has a durable, long-lasting battery that can deliver a great length of continuous usage time and standby mode. This way, you don’t have to worry about your tracker running out of power, making it highly reliable.


Achieve security and peace of mind with the
Mini GF-07 GPS SOS Tracking Device.
Take care of yourself, your family, and your belongings all the time.



  • Color: black
  • Size: about 42*25*20mm
  • Material: ABS
  • Antenna type: GSM
  • GPS positioning accuracy: about 100m
  • Battery: 3.7V 300mA lithium battery
  • Battery working time: about 100h


Package included:

1*mini tracker
1*USB cable


  • Tracking, Monitoring, and Spy Device
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Easy to Hide
  • Voice recording and SMS capable
  • Sim not included
  • 2 Powerful Magnet that can be used to attach on vehicle