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Level Max Comfortable Notebook Mount


Level Max Comfortable Notebook Mount

  • Did you know that using a laptop at the wrong angle is a bad habit? This habit can damage your body permanently. It causes permanent damage to your neck, back, and posture which leads to ineffective work. This is a very common problem when using your laptop and it’s rampant because most of us need our notebooks when we’re at the office, when we travel, or even at home… but there’s an easy way to fix it!

    TheLevel Max Comfortable Notebook Mountcan instantly correct your posture and completely keep you safe from neck damage, make it easier to see your screen, prevent your laptop from overheating, and more!

    Features & Benefits

    Crafted for Maximum Comfort

    When you use your laptop, there is always strain on your neck, on your back, and your overall posture is bad. Bad posture can lead to carpal tunnel, hunchback, forward hip tilt, and more. With this notebook mount, you getSeven Levels of angle adjustments to promote a better posture when using your notebook.

    Engineering Grade Materials

    Your laptops are important to us and we made sure that the Level Max is crafted with the top grade materials you can get. Made with high end engineering plastic to ensure that your laptop doesn’t get a scratch on it. It’s sensitive but very durable!

    Presentation Ready

    Having a laptop can be difficult to present with especially if you’re collaborating with others. This easily solves that problem using a Swivel Base to easily spin the bottom base of the stand to show your team your laptop screen. Useful for collaboration work or at home when you need to look at something quick! The base of the mount is also equipped with super grip points to prevent your laptop from sliding all over the table.

    Attachable Mobile Stand

    You’re on the go, ready for work, but the problem is, you also need a dock for your mobile device like your phone or tablet. What do you do?

    With the Level Max, you get a free mobile dock too! Simply attach it to your notebook mount and dock your mobile phone or tablet to the side so you can easily monitor it for your messages, alarms, notifications, email, and more! Be more productive and keep yourself healthier at the same time!

    Lightweight, Compact Design

    One of the best features of a laptop is that you can bring it pretty much anywhere you need to go. One of the best features of this notebook mount is that it uses lightweight materials and easily foldable for you so you can fit it in your bag and carry it around with your laptop.

    Max Airflow Comfort

    Even with superior cooling solutions, laptops still heat up and it gets uncomfortable when it reaches a certain point. This notebook mount promotes superior airflow to keep the whole notebook cool for you. Exposing your wrists to constant heat could cause permanent damage to your hands but with this mount, you don’t have to worry!

    Work, Create, and enjoy your mobile workstation with theLevel Max Comfortable Notebook Mount.

    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days