Knitrile™ Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves
Knitrile™ Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves
Knitrile™ Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves
Knitrile™ Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

Knitrile™ Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

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This is the Knitrile™ Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves. Made for a durable nitrile material. This ensures your safety and also keep you hands dry and clean. This is perfect for dish washing, cleaning and working in a garden. The lining inside absorbs sweat, which makes it easy to slip the gloves on and off. Also for good ventilation, these gloves have an open cuff design.




  • High-end nitrile possess excellent chemical-resistance and puncture-resistant providing a higher level of protection against liquids, gases and sharp objects
  • Slip resistant texturing cover palm and finger bring a maximum grip.
  • Latex rubber free and odor resistant flock lining Powder-free for sensitive skin while maintaining excellent touch sensitivity and grip strength.
  • Ideal for almost any application including lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, hobbies, arts and crafts Factory chemical machinery oil resistant household acid and alkali resistant
  • It has strong firmness and durability. The soft feel is stronger than rubber gloves. Fits the hand shape for fine fingertips.

Designed for use in food service locations and industrial environments where contact with hazardous substances is unavoidable, these medium heavy duty nitrile flock lined gloves provide excellent protection against aliphatic organic solvents, oil-based chemicals, fats, and greases. 

These heavy duty flock lined gloves are also highly puncture and abrasion resistant. With an overall length of 13", these medium nitrile gloves help protect your forearms from splash back.