Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount
Gravity Car Phone Mount

Gravity Car Phone Mount

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Driving safely and securing your cellphones while on use seems to be tasks that go together with your busy lifestyle. No wonder why there are a lot of car holders, mounts, and stands for your mobile phones that promises a thing or two. Most of the time, it’s a hit and miss for a pick, so you replace them kinda’ often.

You don’t want that, right? You want your car cellphone holder to be dependable and durable to take with you for many drives.
This is what the  Gravity Car Phone Mount is all about.


Your highly dependable and functional phone mount that secures attachment of your phone with the use of a gravitational mechanism. Truly, an innovation in phone mounting and handling.

  • Safe driving while doing cellphone tasks
  • Secured phone mount
  • Classy and stylish blends well with the car
  • Durable and long lasting

Innovative Cell Phone Mount

This egg-shaped phone holder is not your typical cell phone mount that you just place your cellphone on and hope that it won’t shake or fall-off. It’s a firm and sturdy mount that uses gravity linkages to ensure attachment of your cell phone, at the same time easy release. When you place in/out your phone on it, it will automatically lock and release. No problem with one hand operation as you should keep your hands on the steering wheel while driving.

Charging won’t be a problem either. It has an easy access opening to accommodate charging or any connections you would do.

360° Rotation

Achieve different positions and angles of use without it falling off. Adjust it easily to the desired angle for the perfect portrait and landscape view when driving. This cellphone mount is very convenient to use because you can adjust it the way you need to.

Durable Protection

This holder is sturdy to make sure your cellphone is properly protected. It is made from aluminum and polycarbonate materials that are very durable. This makes the mount extremely stable and strong for holding. The holder is wrapped with thin, soft rubber to protect the vent board and your device from friction. The mount’s body and the clamp are anti-slip to prevent vibration and shaking.

Stylish and High Compatibility

The made and the finish is very classy that it can match well with any car interiors. It is big enough to hold your phone and small enough to make it look a great accessory for your car.

Any Smartphone can be handled by this holder, provided they fall within the 4.0 to 6.0 inches size. So, your iPhone, Android, or Windows phones can have this reliable holder.

Safely drive your cars and access your cell phones with ease with the 
 Gravity Car Phone Mount 

Be provided with great access and convenience to use your mobile phones without the hassle. Go and grab this phone holder, today!


  • 360 Degree Rotation
  • Excellent Hold Stability
  • SOft rubber pads for device  Protection
  • Suitable for any Smart Phone from 4.0 to 6.0
  • Easy to install