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Energy Saving Smart Digital Thermostat


Energy Saving Smart Digital Thermostat

  • Maintaining a satisfactory temperature inside your homes or workplaces is favorable for comfort and vital for rest and productivity. That is why we use a Thermostat with our HVAC system to manage and control temperatures to our liking. Therefore, having a quality thermostat is essential to make the home or office a livable place.


    Speaking of quality, introducing the  
    Energy Saving Smart Digital Thermostat!
    The name says it all. It is very smart in sensing the preferred temperature and energy efficient as it regulates wisely the heating/cooling system.
    • Helps achieve a pleasant atmosphere at home or office
    • Lessen irritability and increase comfortability
    • Prevents dry air or excessive moisture that can be detrimental to health
    • Saves on energy use and electric bills
    • Lengthens the life of HVAC system

    Smart and Intuitive

    This multifunctional thermostat is a programmable touchscreen thermostat that can be automated in setting your desired temperature in different hours of the day. It also senses outside climate to automatically adjust to the ideal indoor temperature. It also remembers your settings even after a power outage. No need to reset it.


    Energy Efficient

    Programme the settings to the desired temperature at different times of the day, to decrease heating or cooling losses. Meaning, energy consumption can be reduced on times of the day that your HVAC system need not do much work. For example, you allow the temperature at home to rise during the workday when no one is at home and then set to turn on the air conditioning before your arrival. Or you can increase the temperature during colder hours, like in the evening.



    Mode of Your Choice

    This smart digital thermostat can be set to manual mode or fully automatic mode for different purposes and according to your preference. Because it is highly programmable, you can set the mode not just on hot or cold temperature but also to different periods you will define to a specific temperature. Like ‘Morning’, ‘Day’, ‘Evening’, and ‘Night’ or to any period intervals you may want.


    Trendy and Stylish

    The thermostat design is very minimal that can easily match your interiors. Its circular shape with white backlight can also add like decor to your home.

    The digital screen clearly shows your current settings and temperature that can be adjusted with only a touch of the screen and its switches are ergonomically placed in the apparatus.


    Adds to Safety

    Because the thermostat regulates the HVAC, it prevents electrical jamming and overloading. It is also flame retardant to prevent the outbreak of fire from your system.


    Now, you can enjoy a more comfortable and conducive home or office.Thanks to theEnergy Saving Smart Digital Thermostatfor making your home and office a better place to live and work.


    Caution: Electrical hazard can cause electrical shock or equipment damage. Disconnect power before installation. Keep out of reach of children.


    • A circular LCD display with white backlight
    • 3-time modes
    • Free to choose a manual mode or fully automatic mode for different purposes
    • High reliability, energy-saving, and powerful anti-jamming
    • The unique circular shape and humanized design
    • Stylish appearance and its mirror screen would be very easy to clean  Keypad locking function is designed to prevent the children from misusing

    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days