Car Soundproofing Engine Cover
Car Soundproofing Engine Cover
Car Soundproofing Engine Cover
Car Soundproofing Engine Cover

Car Soundproofing Engine Cover

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Let us introduce this new B shape car seal strip to you. This new generation B type car seal strip upgraded product to replace D,P,Z and O type car seal strip. With one strip, you could do all.

Widely Used - Suitable for most kinds of Cars, SUV, Vans and Trucks.
Easy Installation - Cleaning, Measuring, Peeling and Sticking in place(hard press for a while to ensure the it can be installed firmly.) Direct replacement tape, you just need to push the stripping foam on the rubber sealant above the installed place.
B Shape Design - non-toxic,more durable and flexible.Noise Reduction, Waterproof, Dustproof, Soundproof & Windproof - High temperature resistance & cold resistance, prevent ultraviolet light. Excellent sound proof compression set resistance for maximum service life and vibration absorption.
An upgraded universal car truck sealer - weather striping used to replace other Type D, P, Z and O stripe. 
This weatherstripping enhances the leakproofness of your car - which make door close more tightly .Reduce the noise of wind when you drive your car at high speed. Have a nice trip with your family.Make your car more sealed so that you could keep your car away from dust, raindrop and Fog. 
High Quality weatherstripping - It will seal the gap between car door, car body, car hood, bed rail etc. Enhance driving comfort while cruising on the highway.

Why should I use this seal strip?

  1. The voice are steady and heavy when switch the car door, eliminate collide sound when closed the car door.
  2. Inhibition of high-speed wind dry, reduce interior noise, can be controlled 120M/H into 80M/H.
  3. Improve vehicle's air-tightness and dust-proof capabilities.
  4. The optimization engine compartment cooling airflow.
  5. Improve the air conditioning cooling and heating power, in some extent reduce fuel consumption.


  • Flexible trim for interior exterior moulding strip decorative line
  • Works perfectly for both interior and exterior applications
  • It will not damage the surface of your car
  • Super flexible, makes this easy to install around those tight corners and hard to reach places