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Anti UV Compact Capsule Umbrella


Anti UV Compact Capsule Umbrella

  • Is bringing an umbrella a hassle to you? Especially those big and bulky ones, right? So, you’d rather skip on them even at the threat of rain or sun heat. But of course, you might get sick from getting wet or weary from extreme heat. You don’t want that either.

    So, here is a little solution to your dilemma. Shoot it on your bag or even your purse. No one will even notice you have one. Or you may hand-hold it without a bother.

    Okay, to cut-off the chase, let go of those other umbrellas!
    You’ve got a new buddy, rain or shine, the
    Anti UV Compact Capsule Umbrella.

    What’s with this
    • High-tech coating for UV protection
    • Water-repellant due to rubber cloth
    • Easily hangs after use
    • Multi-Layered Umbrella
    • Aluminum umbrella stand

    Made of Premium fiberglass and high-quality 6-rib of aluminum alloy make your umbrella windproof, sturdy and non-breakable.


    Sturdy framework. The umbrella structure matters very much as it dictates until when it will last. Your Mini Capsule has a thick and flexible metal structure that is sure to sway along with the strong wind and strong lift for a heavy downpour.

    All-weather base cloth. Made of rubber cloth with added layers of high-tech coating to protect you from the sun heat and ultraviolet rays. Raindrops will just bounce-off the rubber cloth that is sure to protect you from getting wet.


    Very portable. Hold it, put it in your bag, whatever you would like. Extremely small for an umbrella.Ultra lightweight, weighing only like your favorite smartphone.

    Easy to store by simply hanging it anywhere with the convenient umbrella sling. Plus it comes with a hook for added handling versatility. Despite its small size, the umbrella opens wide, good enough for sharing with your best pal.


    The next time it will rain, sure you won’t forget your
    Anti UV Compact Capsule Umbrella! But don’t forget to purchase yours first!



    Folding Size: 18 x 4.5cm (1.78 x 7.08in)
    Opening Size: 85 x 53cm (33.46 x 20.87in)
    Net Weight: 200g
    Including: 1 x Capsule Umbrella, 1x Capsule Case, 1 x Umbrella Hanger



    • Compact anti-UV Travel Umbrella 
    • Waterproof 
    • Lightweight  
    • Ultra Protective Layered- High vinyl coated  
    • High Heat Resistant 

    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days