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All Weather 118 LED Outdoor Solar Lights


All Weather 118 LED Outdoor Solar Lights

  • One way to keep your home secure is ensuring that it is well-lit, including your house’ surroundings. Good lighting at home, in the patio or around the garden can spell out the difference in discouraging trespassers, especially when night time comes. However, acquisition and electric bill costs get in the way of homeowners.

    Let these issues don’t hinder you in prioritizing home and family safety. A more economical way is being offered by the
    All Weather 118 LED Outdoor Solar Lights.

    This latest technology in lighting and home security don’t just secure your home but are also friendly to the environment because it uses solar energy.

    • Secured, well-lighted home
    • Safety precaution for the people you love
    • Saves on electric consumption
    • Helpful to the environment

    Excellent Lighting

    LED lights are known to be cost-effective and more powerful than its predecessors. What more with the 118 LED lights densely distributed in the All Weather 118 LED Outdoor Solar Lights? Sure you will get a lot more energy savings while making your home’s outdoor brightly lifted up to 1000 lumens.


    Solar Powerful

    The large solar panel accommodates more solar energy that maximizes charging absorption to its 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery at 17 percent energy conversion rate. Expect longer working time even on high bright mode.

    Multi-modes for varying lighting and security needs

    Lighting and sensor mode preferences at the click of the button at the back of the unit. Have it on medium light mode, dim light sensor mode and sensor mode only depending on your needs.

    Large Range Sensing

    The detection range of the unit is top of the line in sensor technology. It has wide sensor angle and longer sensing distance of 120 degrees and 6 to 8 meters respectively, compared to only 60 degree and 3 meters of competitors in the market. It can detect any movement from people or animal approaching within its range.


    It’s not called All Weather 118 LED Outdoor Solar Lights for nothing. The outstanding impact resistance of the ABS material can withstand whatever seasons and weathers, even to extremes. It’s IP65 Waterproof and resistant to heat and frost.

     All Weather 118 LED Outdoor Solar Lights meet your expectations for lighting and security needs. Grab and install now on your homes and outdoors.


    • Our solar lights now have 118 big LED lights, which is far brighter than other solar lights on the market.
    • Sturdy and durable: Made of Durable ABS material & 118 LED solar light with 18650 rechargeable lithium
    • Automated switch no wire needed
    • Waterproof and Heat Resistance
    • Ultra brightness yet Saving Energy50000 Hours lifespan

      • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
      • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days