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5 Modes LED Flashlight 1000 Lumen


5 Modes LED Flashlight 1000 Lumen

  • Can you imagine that this extraordinary Flashlight helps you in time of trouble?  Buying flashlight not only for an emergency from natural disasters but also protect yourself and your family too.


    Did you know? During the night your eyes take at least 3 minutes to recover full vision when a sudden brightness flash your sights? This brightness can save you from your opponent during the night and when an emergency arises.


    Get one of the best SOS tools in the market with this 
    5 Mode LED Flashlight 1000 Lumen



    Why should you buy it?

    1. Limited offer and could be forbidden soon
    2. Equipped when an emergency arises
    3. A practical, portable, self-defense tool can make all the difference in a tense or scary situation.
    4. Best for hiking, camping, and outdoor activity
    5. Strongest tactical Flashlight you can have



    Optimum Brightness

    Adjustable beam, compact size makes this the most versatile & brightest LED flashlight in its class. Super bright LEDs can light up an entire room or focus on an object 1000 feet away. 10x brighter than other flashlights. And can you Imagine this can be also used as  Powerful Burning tools too!


    Made of High-Quality military materials. Built for tough handling and beatings, your flashlight will be able to survive a 10-foot drop, being underwater or being run over by a truck. Use in snow, rain & emergencies.


    Adjustable Powerful LED

    Generates a brilliant large area floodlight or a perfectly focused spotlight. Adjustable focus with 5 modes: High, Medium, Low, etc.


    Lightweight and Compact

    Anti-slip surface means you can get a proper grip when handling your flashlight.  It is compact enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse. Also with comfortable hand rope, you can take the flashlights at any time or anywhere. Great for camping, hiking, fishing, running, dog walking and emergencies.

    Grab one before  it is Forbidden with this 
    5 Mode LED Flashlight 1000 Lumen



    • HIGH POWER BRIGHTNESS: High Lumens LED makes our flashlight 10 times brighter than old incandescent flashlights. Runs on either a 18650 lithium-ion battery or 3 AAA batteries.
    • HEAVY DUTY: Water resistant, anti-abrasive, skid proof, compact design makes it the top pocket flashlight for all situations, outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing, home use and as a powerful emergency light.
    • 5 LIGHT MODES & ZOOM FUNCTION: Full Brightness, Medium Brightness, Low Brightness, Strobe Brightness, SOS. Adjustable focus for close or long range.


    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days