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3 pcs HSS Steel Titanium Step Drill Bit


3 pcs HSS Steel Titanium Step Drill Bit

  • Weary of all those bit changing to drill multiple hole sizes? Struggling with marred and misshapen holes?

    Steel Titanium Step Drill Bit-Cone Cut is an answer to all your zonked-drilling moments. It allows you to quickly and easily drill holes to the same or different sizes without having to change the bit, surely saving you time and money.

    What its made of?

    Made from high-quality HSS steel and is titanium coated which would help reduce friction and heat.


    What’s in it for you?

    1. Drill holes of various sizes without changing bits.
      2. Minimal shocks and almost impossible to snap compared to conventional bits.
      3. Smooth hole edges, perfect to drill holes for HVAC jobs.
      4. Smoother and rounder holes.
      5. Prevents metal scurf from flying around for improved safety.

    Convenient and Accurate

    Its laser-engraved reference marks on each bit offer a convenient and accurate drill. And since there is a taper leading to the next larger diameter on the drill, you get an instant clean work. No more scrap on the holes you are making.


    Universal Compatibility
    The sharp and titanium coating makes it easy to cut through steel sheets, aluminum sheets, plastic, and wood boards with ease. It will automatically deburr holes while drilling to keep your drill bit clean.

    Sleek & Accurate Drilling
    Its two-flute design facilitates the removal of cutting waste when drilling, to prevent any iron chips or sawdust from scattering and ensuring you sleek and accurate drilling. Make you drill penetration faster without chipping.

    Center Punch

    No need to grab a hammer as this center punch comes with anautomatic, high-impact, spring-loaded strike. When pressed to a workpiece it will stores energy in the spring and eventually release it as an impulse that drives the punch, creating a “dimple”. This will provide a place for your drill bit to catch so it won’t drift to the wrong location of the work. It features a heat- treated alloy steel punch with a sharp precision tip and a corrosion-resistant brass body with non-slip knurled grip

    3 Sets Step Drill
    With 3 sets 5 stages + 9 stages + 15 stage step drills, you can drill different sizes from small holes to big holes. Reach the step for the size you need, and “kiss” the surface with a clean and perfect hole.

    Go from no-hole to large-hole real quick with thisHSS Steel Titanium Step Drill Bit-Cone Cut.Grab this perfect addition for your drilling kit!



     ✔ Suitable for all kinds of power drills
     ✔ New technology in drill Materia; HSS drill bit set
          combined with a titanium coating. More capable and durable.
     ✔ Easy to Drill
     ✔ Two-Flute Design for smoother cutting. High step drill bit design
         let you feel the stop and never drill bigger in mistake.

    Technical Details

    Item Weight    10.7 ounces
    Package Dimensions    9.1 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches
    Color: Gold
    Material: HSS

    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days