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Wheel Rims Strip Protectors


Wheel Rims Strip Protectors

  • Do you have a friend who is a clumsy curb-drivers? And you can’t seem to stop laughing about their bad driving skills? Imagine those constipated faces they make after seeing those markings and abrasions that ruined their cars look let alone after seeing the cost to have it fixed or replaced! Help save your family or friends from the pain these curbs and debris have caused them.

    As an old saying goes... “Prevention is better than cure,” so whether you want to protect your new wheels or just cover up damage on older ones in style,   Wheel Rims Strip Protectors  got you covered!

    Why you need this?

    • Avoid those costly wheel rim replacement
    • Hinder hazardous debris to damage your wheels when parking or overcoming high curbs
    • Adds an aesthetic look to your car
    • Can cover over existing light curb rash
    • Drive in style
    • Disguise existing scratches and scrapes

    Did you know?

    When the rim is scratched, the paint chips off and the rim’s fringe gets damaged. This makes the rim even more susceptible to corrosion and further damage. And a damaged wheel structure may result in a flat tire or blowout, which can be pretty dangerous, especially at highway speeds.

    Perfect Complement

    This is available in ten different colors so you can easily mix and match the tires of your car. It will help you keep your wheel rim in good shape while complementing its overall look.  You can change the strips from time to time which will help give your car a constant showroom quality anytime. 



    It is made from a proprietary material that is tough but flexible and will fit on nearly any vehicle. It provides and long-lasting protection to your wheel rims making it more cost-efficient.


    Easy Installation

    What everyone is looking for is its ability to be easily installed and removed, this makes them easier to clean and replace with other rim protector models. It comes with a strong gel at the back so you can achieve a perfect seam to your wheel’s surface.

    Start protecting your wheel rims in a snazzy and sophisticated look with this  Wheel Rims Strip Protectors.  Say goodbye to all those high repair bills!

     ✔ Made of High-quality plastic material, designed to protect your
         car wheel rims from light hits and scuffs.
     ✔  Soft- won't damage the car surface
     ✔  Flexible, making it easy to be installed at corners and places where
          are hard to get access
    .✔  Can be used as decor strip making your car cooler and unique.
     ✔  Available in Different Color

    Technical Details

    Item Weight:170g
    Item Length:8m
    Product Material: Rubber
    Color: red, blue, purple, black, white, gray, green, pink, orange, yellow

    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days