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Viral Automobile Universal Smartphone Car Mount


Viral Automobile Universal Smartphone Car Mount

  • Do you love road trips? Traveling to areas that are new to you? If that’s your thing then you definitely want to be able to use your GPS at all times. Problem is, you can’t use your GPS effectively if you can’t see your phone… and you can’t see your phone while driving because you can’t hold it.

    This all changes with the  Viral Automobile Universal Smartphone Car Mount. The sure way to monitor your phone while keeping you safe while driving!

    Multiple Ways to Mount It
    Can’t decide where to mount your new phone mount? Don’t be confused! Just look for the most accessible area you have in your car! This awesome car mount has three ways you can place it in your car -- You can mount it straight on the dashboard, you can clip it on your air conditioning, or you can use the super strong suction cup to mount it on your windshield!

    Easy Clip On Mounting
    We make it even easier for you! To mount your phone, simply open the clip by pressing on both buttons by the side, clip your phone on the designated area and you’re done! You won’t have to worry during those bumpy rides at all -- your phone won’t fall off this mount!

    Find the Perfect Angle
    Trouble positioning your phone mount in your car? Don’t even worry about it! You can easily adjust the angle of your phone mount to a 100% viewable angle. It’s easy to adjust and gives you more visibility!

    Keep All Your Functionality
    Worried you might miss out on some of your phone’s features? Don’t! The mount is specially made for the smartphone -- even when mounted, you can still easily press all available buttons on your phone, access the charger, camera, and all other possible features of your phone!

    Get ready for the future of mounting your phone -- use the  Viral Automobile Universal Smartphone Car Mount  for all your phone mounting needs in your car today!

    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days