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Car Rear View Mirror Cover (1 Pair)


Car Rear View Mirror Cover (1 Pair)


    Safety driving requires a clear view from all angles of the vehicle and its immediate surroundings. That’s the function basically of the multiple car mirrors installed in cars. However, weather phenomena like rain, snow, sun heat (light) pose challenges and risks to driving. Specialized car accessories are needed to overcome these weather conditions.


    To aid your driving, especially on harsh weather environments is the
    Car Rear View Mirror Cover.

    It works as a rain visor, sunshade, and dust shield for your car’s side view mirror, ensuring clarity of view on the rear angles. So, whatever challenges the weather or road may pose, you and your car are ready to face them with these excellent mirror covers.

    • Great aid for safe driving on any weather.
    • A clear vision of the rear angles.
    • Repels rain, snow, sun ray reflection, and dust
    • A stylish accessory for the car

    Car Safety Aid

    Avoid safety risks posed by blurred rearview mirrors often caused by dust, rain, snow, and excessive sunray with these car mirror visors. It acts as a protection for the side mirrors, blocking rain and snow interference and shielding against sun rays and dust. It ensures that the side mirrors are clear, so you can safely drive to your destinations.

    Practical and Trendy

    The rear view covers are very practical to repel dust, moist, and water. You won’t have to worry that it will cover or block side driving line of sight.

    It is also a great addition to your car, a trendy accessory also for a decorative purpose. It got a shiny appearance that deflects light. It matches nicely to any car types, models, and paint colors, too.

    Durable and Flexible
    The car rear view covers are made of elastic PVC plastic that is tough and flexible. It bends freely given the car and wind speed interaction during driving. It doesn’t deform even on intense solar heat. It is resistant to rain, heat, wind, and dust.

    Easy Installation

    No drilling or cutting involved, just the use of strong adhesive tapes. It is equipped with double-sided tape for attachment to the side mirror casing. Just peel and stick! It has a standard size and shape design, suitable for any rearview mirror style of various cars.

    Install a pair of the  Car Rear View Mirror Cover on your car and secure safety for your driving. No blindside, no blurry vision, no sight distraction with these mirror covers. Get yours now!


    Note on Installation:   

    *Make sure of two things when installing: (1) The rearview mirrors are clean when you stick the covers and (2) The rubber surface is hot, otherwise the stickiness will be affected.

    **The covers must be attached from the interior of the mirror casing, in the gap between the case and the mirror glass.


    • Block the Rain interference
    • Convenient and Easy Installation Procedure
    • Waterproof - Strong resistant Ability
    • Bend freely, sturdy and doesn’t easily deform
    • Made of High-Quality Resin Material


    • US/UK/CAD/AUS: ETA 7-15 days
    • Europe & Worldwide: ETA 14-30 days